Stepping out

I’m so happy that I finally made the first step of taking voice lessons, something I had been putting off for the longest time. Baby steps are always the most monumental. They kick start the route to your destiny.

So here’s my scorecard:

Voice scorecard

Thank You Jesus. You gave me the courage to step out and pursue what I love, and to hone it from glory to glory. I always had doubts about serving in worship in the kids ministry. So many times, I had wanted to throw in the towel, call it quits and just get on with life. Perhaps, walking with the Lord gave me a clearer picture on what He wanted me to do with my life. Sure, we all have choices, and their resulting consequences. But I’ve made enough mistakes in life and I don’t want to risk another, and I just want to hear what He thinks I should do, before I set my heart on something.

The vocal studio was tucked away in a dingy corner of an old mall built in the 80s, opposite a tattoo parlor. Somewhat discordant for a music school, but that sense of coherent wholeness was the confirmation that I was doing the right thing.

I’m suddenly brought back to the topic of work. Voice lessons allow me to take my mind off something that has gotten rather unpalatable lately. Office politics, complicated situations, you get it. I don’t want to get all conceited and over-confident that things will be fine if I put in my due diligence. In life, there are things that just don’t turn out the way we had expected, and we all find a way to make lemonade out of the lemons. Closed doors speak of redirection. Rejection speaks of the elimination of possible routes that would possibly lead to nowhere in the future. It takes courage to have visions of the things that we cannot see in the here and now, and the faith to believe beyond sight.



Coldplay A head full of dreams! Live in Singapore

One tick off my bucket list! It was such an honor to be part of Coldplay’s choir for 2 hours on 31 March 2017. Laser lights, a crazy hyper crowd, rainbow confetti and giant balloons bouncing across the ecstatic sea of flicker lights and pumping fists, and most importantly, music from the realms of heaven in the form of Chris Martin and his amazing band. While singing he pulled off stunts like darting across the runway to hysterical screams. O yes, there were fireworks too! The magic in the atmosphere zipped through my veins and I couldn’t help screaming my lungs out throughout the medley hahaha.

coldp 5 (2)

Coldplay 1

coldplay 2

Here are some of my favourites! I believe everybody would agree; Coldplay’s music is a universal unifying force among people.

Every Teardrop is a Waterfall



Hymn for the Weekend

Viva la Vida

A Head Full of Dreams


Here are the 2 beautiful girls whose company made my night perfect 😉




So yup, they even punctuated the medley with the old hymn Amazing Grace. Beautiful stuff.  God bless them.

Open your heart

I’ve had to work much harder than this
For something I want don’t try to resist me

Open your heart to me, baby
I hold the lock and you hold the key
Open your heart to me, darlin’
I’ll give you love if you, you turn the key

If I were to have a dance icon, Madonna it would be. Thank God I ain’t Catholic. She’s such a fabulous songwriter and dancer. Who can thrust those hips like that, driving men crazy? Lots of hidden meanings between the lines. Here’s a suggestion to Spotify to add this into their bedroom jams playlist 😀

la la land

LLL d 12 _2353.NEF

How would you feel if you saw someone walking in the dream you had for yourself, holding the hand of the girl you had always dreamed to spend the rest of your life with, and he walks away with her into the future? And the last memory of her would be that longing back glance and wistful smile before she made her way? I guess life could have a funny way of spurning your story in ways you would not have imagined, leading you to marry the man who’s there at the right time when things are supposed to happen (provided he’s decently attractive), than the man whom you loved with all your heart at the wrong time.

I started listening to the film’s soundtrack on Spotify before watching it (City of Stars is playing in my head as I write this), and jazz never fails to move me with its poignancy and richness; its classic date night music that has the power to transport you away from the oxymoron of mundaneness and mayhem of modern life, giving you a touch of 1960s America, when people had the time to date properly, when a guy would bring you out for dinner and watch big band jazz. Ryan Gosling is ever so dapper in his Canadian slur and sleepy smile, and Emma Stone with her bug-eyed gaze has an interesting seductive charm I can’t really put my finger to. They make an amazing partnership onscreen. Personally, I love theatre. I can imagine the pain involved in the dream of making to Hollywood. It’s akin to some arrival into the promised land of milk and honey, where the line between success and failure is that thin, between living from paycheque to the next, wondering when would your next break would be. Or walking down glitter-studded red carpets and having cameras flashing in your face every so often, that you’re looking for a way to beat them like a fugitive.

I am aware that film plots are fictional and scriptwriters have a wonderful knack for giving life to stories, but I cannot help but pine for that kind of organic, unmechanical kind of romance that unfolds. No, not the Korean drama kind that involves some rich spoilt brat and a silly blur girl with the whole world at their disposal, but the kind of love that is open to whatever that comes, and lets go when it’s time to. It’s so beautiful to knowing that something could happen out of nothing because it was given the free space to bloom; nothing forced or overtly planned. Maybe it’s just a figment of my imagination, that’s why I like this film so much; there’s a punny play on the title as well. Perhaps how it all happened, or could have happened if things worked out, are in the realm of la la land.