Yoga Vibes

This fitness class frenzy started off with an invite from a friend to Spinning Class. Spinning is indoor cycling to the tempo upbeat music, with an instructor blaring through the mike with motivational cliches to keep pumping. Not particularly mood-lifting after a tiring day of work.

But that effort paid off. For the next week, my clothes seemed to fit better, and my legs looked nicer. In a way that my usual jogging sessions failed to attain (But to clarify, I was never a serious runner, by running, I meant intermittent sprints in between lengthy strolls). I thought, maybe I should check out some Yoga classes, cos I heard that you learnt to stretch muscles that are out of reach (from the usual fitness activity like running).

I have a colleague that recommended Yoga Movement cos their packages were cheap and the ambiance of the studio is pretty, and to top it off they were having a promo.

Hot core and Bikram lessons were really fun. I got to stretch so many parts of my body that I never thought were humanly possible. There were some poses which I stumbled over, especially those that involved balancing on one foot on tiptoe while maintaining a fancy pose at the upper body. The end results were fantastic. I really liked the way my legs looked the next day, and that perspiration really served to rid the gunk from my pores. Maybe that facial can wait.

I’m definitely all pumped up for my next classes. Thinking of trying out power flow, where I will get to try handstands and other gravity-defying poses. And of course, a fitter body, which the mirror will thank me for my presenting me a more toned version of myself.

Not forgetting the cardio staple of running which I have been at since 14. Man, it has been more than a decade since I started running. I guess I better keep my stamina up and stop all unnecessary self-declared sprint breaks. Maybe I should just get a running buddy, since it’s such a boring sport.


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