Night Visions in Bali

I had just gotten back from Seminyak, Bali, last evening. Missing the dreamy pace of life, relishing creamy avocado poached eggs with spinach and hollandaise dressing, complete with purple sweet potato chips and avacado hummus, overlooking rice padi fields in the midday sun, watching random Australians sauntering by the roadsides in bikini tops and sarongs, watching from a second-story al fresco bar top seat.

Yum Yum Yum Avocado 

Beautiful view, peaceful state of heart. A wonderful setting to spend alone time with the Lord, telling Him what’s on my mind and writing down the thoughts I get in the spirit.

It had been a long drawn half a year, and this break was a much needed recharge mentally, emotionally and spiritually.

Sitting by Kuta Beach at night, and watching the powerful waves lapping up the shore, with a majestic roar resounding each time the ocean brought forth a fresh tide, this thought was dropped into my heart.

“No regrets, simply because You’re here.”

Just soaking in, and understanding the significance and power, of His presence, made every uncertainty, doubt, mountain, melt like wax. Yes, I borrowed this metaphor from the Bible. Things have never felt so clear, and uncertain, at the same time.

Looking back at the things I had journalled, I recount the Lord’s faithfulness in my life, how he had answered my prayers, and how I am walking in answered prayers, so comfortably and organically, that I forget to thank Him for them. It has been a beautiful, colorful journey, filled with emotion, tears, joy and grace. A wonderful tapestry that keeps on knitting and unfolding till the end of time.

Walking with You, Jesus.

Ending off this post with light-hearted food pics. Bali, I’ll be back.

Awesome Green Tea Latte by the Koop Roaster and Cafe 

Here’s a time lapse video of my barista hard at work.

Can’t get enough of the quaint charm of this cafe