Biologics in the world today

I think it’s about time I started a blog on biologics. I’m currently enrolled on a programme to train me for the biologics sector locally, and I am so excited about the prospects of where this would take me. It’s quite closely related to my college major in biological chemistry, and learning about the power of proteins in curing and preventing diseases is incredibly meaningful and exciting. I have to say, I’ve been living thus far just for this job. Everyday I wake up grateful, knowing that it can only be the Lord who opened this door in the backdrop of an economic malaise.

Roche has a big presence in Germany and Switzerland in the biopharma sector, so do major pharma firms like GSK and Novartis and more. Working overseas has always been a lifelong dream. To girls whose chief aim in life is to get married and settle down, I say, dream bigger, think higher. There’s just so much life has to offer; you just have to get out there, throw yourself out into the unknown and be brave to get into the thick of things without carrying too much baggage. Be steadfast, mentally resilient and quick on your feet.

Yep, I’m currently halfway through a book; ” The Vaccine Race ” by Meredith Wadman. My current scope deals with the quality of Vaccines before manufacture, and I thought this book would fit me really aptly. So yep, I’m off to mug for a pharma cleanroom module test. Wish me well, till my next post 🙂



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