You weren’t born to just pay bills and die, you must suffer a lot.

youre wernt born.jpg

Dark humor amidst dark times. Can’t imagine I’m posting such stuff on my birthday. As time goes on, I realised how imperfect life can get, and I wonder how my parents made it through. Respect. Detours, valleys, uncertainty, disappointment. Just now when I was taking a walk in the park, it suddenly dawned upon me that I had made it through 25 years on this crazy planet. I mean, I could have died in a car crash or given up on life, but here I am, alive and breathing, walking into the future after braving massive storms. I think I deserve a standing ovation for having made it thus far. Happy blessed birthday, Stephanie, I love you. One day you’ll look back and understand, that perhaps, everything had happened for a purpose.


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