Better Things

For there is hope for a tree if it is cut down,

that it will sprout again and that the tender shoots of it will not cease.

Though its roots grow old in the earth and its stock dies in the ground,

Yet through the scent of water,

the stump of the tree will bud and bring forth boughs like a young plant.

What a beautiful picture of redemption and restoration. This quote from Job came at a time of his life when everything he had was taken from him. If a poor, broke and sick person can see beauty in abject misery, whilst bound in the old covenant of the Law, I can believe for better things since I have a better Covenant.

Sometimes I forget that I’m not of the world, and it’s a learning process of not confining myself to the realities of life. Everything boils down to the internal belief system, cos everything flows from the spirit. Someone once told me that if my lenses were pointed at an ugly crocodile, even though my eyes were fixed on a cute panda, if I pressed the shutter, the image I would get is, that of an ugly crocodile. Perspective, perspective.

It’s a beautiful thing to have an exit route to run to from the madness of this world. As much as I avoid magnifying malaise (everyone has a share of battles to fight), truth be told, there’s a limit to which how much we psych ourselves out of quagmire. If there’s one thing that I need to remember, out of the one million things thrown at me, it’s to rest. Never abdicate your high place of rest. Hold your peace, there’s a special portion grace everyday.

Job never stayed poor, sick or broke. The Lord restored twice of whatever he had lost, either bumped up in quality or quantity, wherever applicable.

I have come to give you life, and life more abundantly.



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