The apocalypse as told by X-men

We’ve heard that 2012 was the year that the world would end. Therefore the superstitious ones waited in trepidation for the moon to turn red or the blood moons to appear, driving stock prices haywire and giving the atheists another reason to mock the obsessedly religious. Not that I don’t believe in the apocalypse, but to go as far as to predict when it would happen is downright outrageous and brashly stupid. This bombastic-sounding word has instilled fear and spawned many interpretations of how it would unfold. Hollywood has its version too, and X-men narrates it as such:

  1. It all revolves around USA

Yep, it’s all about them, every evil force wants to bring them down and USA will prevail eventually.  Notice it’s always the Golden Gate Bridge or Brooklyn Bridge exploding into flames and skyscrapers like the ESB crashing into smithereens. Looks like Asia is forgotten and therefore, pretty safe. Needless to say, they probably don’t even know where Singapore is so we’re spared from the apocalypse.

  1. Superheroes/mutants are fickle

They switch loyalties very quickly in an attempt to create twists in plot for the viewer. OK it’s forgivable since the whole story has to be told within 2 hours? Characters always have that internal struggle that leaves them mulling over joining forces on the good or evil side. This is a method for plot-lengthening, making indecision seem so noble from a third party point of view. In real life, indecision of any sort is uncool.

  1. They are not all powerful

If you’ve got this power, you don’t have that. And that’s where teamwork comes into place, one tries to make up for what another lacks, and that creates some kind of tension as they fight evil forces with combined powers that complement each other. Bottom line is, togetherness or unity, wins. Some kind of moral lesson that kids can take home so it’s not completely about mayhem and catastrophe.

  1. Everyone needs a fair share of screen time, even though the scene is wasting film

While the good and evil forces battle it out, we may have forgotten about wolverine and what happened to him. So to get that point across, a supercharged wolverine comes charging out of a cage and leaving a trail of carnage in his path. And the mind-reader lady manages to hypnotize him and tame his wild tendencies. Therefore he regains his sanity and charges off into the woods, half-naked and covered with blood. Not sure what to make up of that.

  1. They love to draw parallels/ get ideas from the Bible

They claim the apocalypse is being brought about by four distinct evil forces, similar to the four horsemen who would bring about the events leading to the end of the world as narrated in the Bible.  The mutants even went on as far as to say the Bible copied their ideas on the four forces.  As the plot unraveled, phrases like ‘Tower of Babel’, and the evil protagonist claiming to have been called ‘Elohim’, were doled out. Seems like the Judeo-Christian influence on Hollywood is here to stay, as with films with some sort of Biblical reference. America’s founding constitutions have been built on faith-based principles.

  1. Jews are in the spotlight

Many of the movers and shakers in the film industry are Jewish, so to bring in a part of their history into films looks normal. The evil protagonist brings Magneto back to the times his parents were sent to Auschwitz during the Holocaust. OK that is sufficient reason to turn against the world because of the gravity of trespass against his family, first his parents, then his wife and daughter who were killed by the local police because of his mutant identity. Bringing up the Holocaust is sure to tug the heartstrings of any Jewish soul, and reminds the world of what evil man is capable of.

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