I have a new heroine

Impressive. I happened to watch this snippet on Aung San Suu Kyi’s view on Singapore’s success. She questioned the purpose of work, the workforce and material wealth and how that has influenced the Singaporean society and her success in amassing wealth and high standards.

Is that the ultimate aim of human beings? Is that what we all want?


She was curious at the opportunity cost in the quest for the kind of success Singapore has been known for showcasing to the world. How has the focus on materialism changed what people value in life? I liked the way she attested to the limitless capacity for human progress beyond material wealth, smashing the cookie-cutter dogma of success that has been ingrained into many aspects of life over the years.

A more relaxed way of life and closer family relations seem more rewarding than vying to be the top rat in the rat race.  Moreover, everyone’s definition of success is different, and if you can look back with no regrets at how you’ve spent your youth building what matters to you, then you have done it right.

Just a side note, some people get more beautiful with age, and she’s one of them. I like her graceful gait and that steely determination in her eyes, while diminutive, her presence speaks volumes, amplified by that impeccable Queen’s English. Well yes, maybe I’ll just have to visit Myanmar to see what you have to offer.

The fight for democracy had been a long and arduous road, and she sacrificed freedom and rights for a cause she staunchly held on to. Being true to oneself and sticking by your beliefs till it bears fruit, that’s successful.

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