Phantom of the Opera

Watching Phantom in New York at Broadway 2 years back was an exhilarating experience, especially after having had Rose wine and a 3-course dinner Gordon Ramsey’s kitchen down the street. The mild intoxication and the glorious music and theatrics made it truly a night to remember. The ticket cost me 127 USD, which was quite a pinch for a then university kid.

Phantom is currently the longest-running Broadway theater performance for the record and it has spawned various renditions since its Broadway debut. I caught Phantasia, performed by the Singapore Symphony Orchestra Concertmaster Igor Yuzefovich and Principal Cellist Ng Pei-Sian, together with the Orchestra of the Music Makers (OMM) led by Maestro Chan Tze Law.

The concert was a classical medley of pieces, a symphony strung together from the pieces in Phantom (without the voices and theatrics) by the orchestra, with solo acts by the violin and cello. All I can say is the music was so emotionally-rich that I felt like falling in love all over again.

I can’t exactly review a classical performance in terms of technicality as I consider myself less than an amateur. I am amazed at the star power of Ng Pei-Sian, who amassed a contingent of fangirls who camped at the waiting lounge after the concert for a photo with him.

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